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‏2012-01-17T17:55:26Z |
Hello all,

I'm using WAS CE V2.1.1.6 for supporting an application called WMQ FTE Logger. I need to define a Database Pool, and I'm a remote Oracle db.

When defining the Database Pool the recommendation is to use the Oracle Thin. The documentation recommends Database Type "Oracle Thin" and the from Transaction Type select "XA", but when I hit deploy it fails. I'm attaching the relevant WAS CE log and the plan file.

Some suggestions?
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  • Y5HD_Victor_Nechiporenko
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    Re: Oracle Database pool

    I have the same problem in WASCE 3.0.0.

    1) I created db pool with wrong type (Oracle XA)
    2) Checked that SQL doesn't work on it, and deleted it
    3) But after that I was unable to create db pool with type "Oracle Thin" - creation of new pool failed with some errors in log file.

    But my problem was resolved by restarting the server, and it looks like it was some temporary issue caused by garbage from previous pool. Maybe this helps you.
  • U4UE_xie_zhi
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    Re: Oracle Database pool

    Did Y5HD_Victor_Nechiporenko's solution solve your issue?