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Pinned topic Listener for IBM WebSphere MQ with SOA Tester (Rational Service Tester) .

‏2012-01-17T08:53:16Z |
Good afternoon.

I want to use Rational Service Tester for testing an application that is developed by my company.
The application under test sends messages to the queue (IBM WebSphere MQ), from which these messages should take a different application-handler (developed by colleagues from other companies). This application-handler - not available. With the help of Rational Service Tester - I would like simulate it work. I know the messages-answers, which should send the application-handler.

I'd like to ask help to understand how can I use Rational Service Tester to set up a "listener" which will receive a message from the "outgoing queue" (IBM WebSphere MQ) of the application under test to check "outgoing message" (validation) and send in the "incoming queue" (IBM WebSphere MQ) message-response to processing it by application under test. The format of messages is - XML.
Also, there is a need to extract from XML "outgoing message" - ID and return it in the "incoming message".
Can I organize such process with Rational Service Tester "in general"?

Thanks in advance.