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Pinned topic CFS-IS documents not not see in p8

‏2012-01-17T07:09:59Z |
i had installed
FileNet P8 5.0 in AIX in stand alone mode
IS RAC:-4.1.2
FEM and ISRAC are on same window server
IS and CE are on different AIX servers
I had configured CFS-IS mapped the properties of p8 to Is,and export from RAC,I have already checked the IS import agent in FEM domain.
in xml file I can see
<!-- All document classes to be exported should be within the FNRT tag-->
<!-- and each document class is defined within a <DOC_CLASS_EXPORT> tag-->
<!-- The minimum child tag entry is DOC_CLASS_NAME-->
<!-- Unspecified child tags default to these values-->
<!-- DOC_ID_RANGE_LOW = 100000-->
<!-- DOC_ID_RANGE_HIGH = 3900000000-->
<!-- RE_EXPORT = NO-->
<!-- ANNOT_ONLY = NO-->
<!-- CE_OBJECT_STORE_GUID = Default Object Store GUID-->
<!-- CE_OBJECT_STORE_NAME = Default Object Store Name-->
<!-- CE_DOMAIN_GUID = Default Domain GUID-->
<!-- CE_DOMAIN_NAME = Default Domain Name-->
<!--Mon Jan 16 12:32:54.52 2012 (RAC Export Tool): Export file was successfully parsed-->
<!--Mon Jan 16 12:41:26.756 2012 (RAC Export Tool): IS CE Export Tool was successful. 2 documents and 0 annotations were exported in 512.87 seconds.
Note: No annotation is exported because exporting annotations feature has been disabled.-->

But when i log onto P8 FEM couldn't find any documents.
Any help?
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    Re: CFS-IS documents not not see in p8

    The following page provides links to FileNet® Content Federation Services documentation (available in PDF and other formats):