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Welcome to CICSdev Forum!
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    Re: Welcome to CICSdev Forum!

    Welcome to this new CICS Developer Community. I hope you will find information provided here interesting and useful. It is primarily for CICS Developers rather than CICS System Programmers, although of course, everyone is welcome to contribute. I would encourage you to discuss, share and learn about developing CICS Applications in this community. I have asked members of my IBM CICS Product Dev team to join the community and hear first hand what you have to say about CICS and Application programming/support.

    To kick-off the CICSdev Community in style, I would like to tell you about an exciting new FREE offering called the CICS Transaction Server for z/OS Developer Trial V4.2. Check out the details in the formal announcement:

    This new offering lets you download, install and evaluate the latest and greatest version of CICS V4.2 for free without initiating any Single Version Charging (SVC) period. It cannot be used for production, but I believe it can help you assess the value of the new functions in CICS V4.2 before you have to make the decision to migrate and to commit time and resources to a migration project.

    Please give it a try and let us know what you think.

    Dave Andrews,
    IBM Director, CICS Products.