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Pinned topic Incorporating autoNumeric and JQuery in RUI

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Hi everyone

I would like to use the JQuery plugin autoNumeric to create a numeric fields widget with on-the-fly formatting and validation.

I understand from other posts here that it is possible to include JQuery in my RUI project, but I haven't got enough information on how to do it.

Has anyone used autoNumeric already, or could someone give me some pointers on how to set up JQuery so I can attempt it? Be warned, I'm still a RUI noob.

I'm using RBD

  • David.Durand
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    Re: Incorporating autoNumeric and JQuery in RUI


    Disappointing to not see a response to this.  Would love to see a basic jQuery primer on how to setup a jQueryBase and widget similar to the way Dojo widgets are created.  I have the basics of how to bring a jQuery widget but is clunky.  Anyone?

  • HuangJiYong
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    Re: Incorporating autoNumeric and JQuery in RUI


    Hi Thomas & Dave,

    EGL allow the developer to include 3rd party javascript such as JQuery.  Generally, you will need to use ExternalType to refer to the javascript code. There is a help doc in the info center:

    I also have a sample project to access google chart timeline widget in EGL. Please check the attached file. The files are:


    Widget EGL: EGLSource/widgets/GoogleTimeline.egl                    // An EGL externalType to define the widget API in EGL, works like an interface
    Include file: WebContent/widget/includeGoogleVisual.html           // The includeFile specified in the widget EGL, it is used to include the runtime
    JS file: WebContent/widget/GoogleTimeline.js                                // The implementation of the widget, a pure Javascript file.
    Test case: EGLSource/test/test3.egl                                                  // Demonstrate how to use the widget in EGL

    Please make sure the parameters such as relativePath, javascriptName in widget EGL matches js file definition...

    You can also take GoogleMap widget in Dojo sample( as an example to learn how to wrap EGL externalType. Notice that, by this way, you will have to deal with all the Javascript stuff by yourself such as browser compatibility etc.