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Pinned topic Delay in pulling messages from MQ by DataPower

‏2012-01-13T02:57:53Z |
Hi All, Greetings!

I have the below setup:
1. Mainframe puts batch of messages in request queue, waits for 4 secs and checks the reply queue for reply of all the batch messages. If
reply is not seen within 4 secs for any request, then Mainframe records timeout for that request.

2. DataPower (with MQ FSH) pulls the messages from the request Queue put by Mainframe, processes them and puts the messages back to reply
queue which is checked by mainframe after 4 secs.

Current no.of concurrent MQ connections is 1.

The problem is when a batch of 3 messages were put in the request queue with a gap of milliseconds, first message is being picked up
but 2nd message is picked up with some delay.
Can someone hint me how to handle this and huge volumes that are expected in future? May be a rough calculation to decide upon no.of MQ
connections keeping a timeout of 4 secs in view.