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Pinned topic Error : can not have another measure as an attribute, Dynamic Column Header

‏2012-01-10T23:37:24Z |
Sorry in advance if this is a noob, question but I am a noob to Cognos BI.

I am trying to display a dynamic column header title on a crosstab, based on a selected paramter.

The column header data item (BulletSem) dynamically selects a tuple (Period, YearSemester, Value), based on a parameter selection (Current Semester, Previous or Next).
This works, but of course print the data item label 'BulletSem' for the column heading.

When I try and change the text source value to a calculated data item (BulletMeasureLabel -which should dynamically change the header to either Curr, Next or Previous based on the paramter), I get the following error:
Measure valueSet="BulletMeasure" can not have another measure as an attribute: groupBody="BulletMeasureLabel".

I have encountered this problem a few times and know there must be a simple answer to it.

Thanks in advance