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Pinned topic FSM 4.5 HPOVO integration

‏2012-01-10T20:27:56Z |
I'm stumpped on this and the install and user guides offer little useful information. I have done whatever setup I can find in the docs to set this up, yet whenever I set a filter rule (Event Mapping) to ignore = false, I get fatal CALA_check events in FSM, nothing else updates, and nothing is forwarded to HPOV. The best I can tell, FSM is choking on the forward request and stops processing new events. I have to revert to filter rule/event mapping back to "ignore = true" and then recycle the server to get it to process events again.

This is what I have:

FSM 4.5 with HotFix 1 installed on Windows Server 2008 x64 R2
MSSQL 2008 Database
HPOVO Server FQDN and port are defined correctly in the plugin properties.
HPOVO 08.60.501 64-bit client
FSM_SERVER.settings contains the following HPOVO configurations (left out port and host, which are correct):
S_OVO_BUNDLES=../../../../ext/finca.external.hpovo, ../../../jars/de.cenit/finca.functional.event2hpovo.jar@5:start, ../../../jars/de.cenit/finca.server.processor.rep.hpovosink.jar@7:start, \
S_OVO_LIB_DIR=C:\Program Files\HP\HP BTO Software\java
If anyone has got this to work, please let me know. The manual states "If "opcmsg" works correctly from the FSM server then the FSM component will work correctly,
too." I can send opcmsg events all day long, but this still isn't working.

One thing I have noticed is that the opcmsg command line client requires the application=<application> be passed. However, this is not one of the Configuration fields available. The only ones available are hpovo_group, hpovo_object, hpovo_optionvar, and hpovo_severity.

I currently have 2 mappings: The default of * with IGNORE=true; and a custom one that is: KEYFrom Host, KEYSTREAM, hpovo_group, hpovo_object, hpovo_severity, and IGNORE. Valid values are used and I switch IGNORE from true to false for testing.
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    Re: FSM 4.5 HPOVO integration

    No need for a solution. We've switched to outputting to log file and having HPOVO get the information from there. We decided this to be more flexible if/when we switch to another enterprise monitoring solution.