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Pinned topic Can't add attachments to wiki: "Your Connections session has expired"

‏2012-01-10T19:35:58Z |
Recently, I was able to add attachments to my developerWorks wiki.

Now, I am unable to add an attachment to a wiki I created. I fill in the attachment dialog box (File and File Name), click OK and get the message, "Your Connections session has expired. Click 'OK' to log in again.". But if I click OK, I just get another error saying "You must be logged in to upload this attachment. Click 'OK' to be prompted to log in.". Clicking OK for this error message just results in a repeat of the same error message.
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    Re: Can't add attachments to wiki: "Your Connections session has expired"

    ‏2015-01-14T04:22:32Z  in response to habinek

    Me, too. In my case, I was editing wiki and as the wiki page HTML be complicated, this error start to show up.
    I tried browser-cache clear, tried chorome/firefox/IE, changed the language settings..etc but no help.
    I think there might be an issue in IBM Connections, and hope this be fixed or workaround.