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Pinned topic Integration of RTC 3.0 into ODS

‏2012-01-10T01:03:17Z |

Could someone please explain how to integrate these two products so that we can check-out and check-in database objects from ODS without separately accessing RTC. Is there a 'plug-in' we need to install to make this happen ?

We are new to the IBM software development world and are not getting much help from our local IBM account representative on this issue.

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    Re: Integration of RTC 3.0 into ODS

    Hi Harry,

    The general rule of thumb is that for Eclipse based products to shell-share, they must be on the same Eclipse platform level.

    For your situation, ODS 2.2.1 is on Eclipse 3.4 and from the research i did to find what levels of Eclipse RTC 3.0 is on, Ive found that there are version on both Eclipse 3.5 and 3.6 (its not clear to me which you have but you can check by opening the About dialog box from the RTC interface and clicking on the button to see which Eclipse platform your version of RTC is on). What ive found indicates that ODS 2.2.1 and RTC 3.0 are incompatible and unfortunately cannot be shell-shared.

    For future reference, here are some links about shell sharing with Eclipse products:

    Information about which IBM Software products can be installed together so that they share a common environment:

    IDEs and Development:

    Limitations for shared Eclipse 3.4.x-based IBM product installations:

    Richie Escarez