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‏2012-01-06T18:34:48Z |
Hi ,

I have a multi-instance job which run for multiple files which comes in various directories,
But how should I handle the scenario of running a job in multi-instance when two files comes in same directory.
I have to implement this scenario without loop, as when I will use loop then it will run one after another but my requirement is that I have to run the sequence Parallel for both the files.
For example in a source directory two file comes with name abc.txt and abc1.txt , then I have to execute my jobs in parallel to process both files.

Please suggest the best way .

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    Re: Runnig A multiinstance job

    what is the issue you are facing?

    a)Parameterize the file names and pass with different invocation IDs.

    b)use file pattern method in Sequential file stage