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Pinned topic Design Studio dabase explorer does not show objects in Informix database

‏2012-01-06T15:29:51Z |
Hie guys,

Well i'm still new to InfoSphere Warehouse and trying to learn information warehousing using it so got v9.7. The problem that i have is that i am trying to connect to a Informix dbase at our workplace server. I seem to successfully manage to create the connection to the dbase and it shows that the connection is active. However when i try view the dbase objects in the database explorer, it just shows a few namespaces i.e Schema, Users and Roles, but i can not drill down into them and can not see any tables or procedures in the database. I can however run queries using the connection and i get results. I have tried my connection string in RAD and i am able to see all the objects, which is buffling me.

Can you please help me, i am really stuck there.

Thanks in advance... (my bad a really really new to it).
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    Re: Design Studio dabase explorer does not show objects in Informix database

    ‏2012-01-12T22:25:15Z  in response to ChalengeJ.

    What version of Informix are you connecting to and what's the version of the Informix JDBC driver?