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I am about to build a two site HACMP XD solution. The two sites are around 30 KM apart and replicated using DS8300 based PPRC technique over dark fiber.

The question which is coming into my mind that what could be the best way to achieve non-IP heartbeat between two nodes at two different sites in this scenario?

I know disk heartbeat is out of question here ? what could be alternative here ? rs232 over tcpip? any recommended vendors ? Or any other ideas will be appreciated...
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    Re: XD and Non IP Network

    I know some customers that have used fiber modem converters. That an RS232 cable plugs into, converts it to run across fiber, then repeat on the other end. The one customer I know first hand, used one by TC Comm. It happened to be this one:

    Now I don't know the details of how exactly via what equipment but as I've heard from other customers connected across sites via DWDM links that it too transports everything. IP, Fiber, and RS-232.