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Pinned topic Backup of DB2 from AS/400

‏2011-12-31T19:28:16Z |

I have an AS/400 which can be connected to terminals through what seems to be an Ethernet cable. Up until now the backups were done in tapes, but it would be nice to use something more current and compatible.

I think it may be possible to have a terminal emulator run on windows, linux or mac, connect a computer through the Ethernet cable and dump the DB2 database to some file in the connected computer.

I could not find the information about how to do this. Is it possible? Alternative solutions and pointers to related information are welcome too.

Thank you.
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    Re: Backup of DB2 from AS/400

    Even though tapes have been used for a long time, tapes such as Ultrium are still "current" and used for a reason. Tapes now hold over a terabyte per cartridge, they are extremely fast (up to hundreds of mb/s), and very reliable. Network isn't bogged down, and backup/recovery isn't subject to network issues and do not rely on another OS platform. Encrypted tapes will also provide the necessary security.

    However, if storage size, speed, network, and reliability are not your main concern and you are more focused on remote backup and a more familiar platform, then then what you described is a possible solution. Tivoli is one solution. If you are only talking about a small set of data, then NFS (Network File System) or even FTP is another option. I'm assuming that there are some OEM products available as well. Best would be to speak with your business partner/marketing rep.

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