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Pinned topic Default Thread Pool not showing up

‏2011-12-29T13:35:19Z |
I've used the Tivoli Performance Viewer before, but my company would like to have an in-house-built screen that they can use to see exactly the statistics they want at a glance and with fewer clicks than it would take to get to the Tivoli Performance Viewer on the admin console.

As such, I've been experimenting with AdminService, and I've found that I can get a lot of statistics about a large variety of objects with this code:

AdminService service =;   ObjectName onAll = 

new ObjectName(
"WebSphere:process=" + serverName + 
",*"); ObjectName perfObj = 

null; Set objectNameSet = service.queryNames(on, 


for(Object o : objectNameSet) 

if(o == 

null || !(o 

instanceof ObjectName)) 


"Perf".equals(((ObjectName) o).getKeyProperty(
{ perfObj = (ObjectName) o; 
// store other ObjectNames that I want to retrieve statistics about...   

I can find a lot of different ObjectNames with this query, including one ObjectName for every session bean and message bean that we have running on our application, and one for every ThreadPool as well---except that the default thread pool isn't listed in the ThreadPools. And the default thread pool is the one we're really interested in.

Anyhow, once we get the ObjectNames for the objects we want to get statistics on, we can pass them into the AdminService.invoke method to invoke "getStatsObject" on the performance object (perfObj), passing in as a parameter the ObjectName of the object we want to retrieve statistics on, and then the invoke method gets us back some statistics objects.

But we can't use this feature to gather statistics on the default thread pool, and the default thread pool is the thread pool that we really care about. I've tried poking around in the admin console to see if there are any settings I can change to get the default thread pool to show up in the AdminService's lists, but I couldn't see anything obvious that would make it appear.

Can anyone tell me how I can retrieve statistics on the default thread pool without going to the Tivoli Performance Viewer? I know a way exists to do so, since the Tivoli Performance Viewer is getting that information somehow.