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Pinned topic Export and Import Transfer Mappings

‏2011-12-28T19:09:35Z |
What dark art must one master to get transfer mappings done correctly? I’ve added some custom property templates to the Box Record record class that’s sub-classed from the Marker Record and have made sure to add them to the export mapping as user defined records on my origin system. Where I get lost is on the import transfer mapping on the target system and accounting for all of them there as I only seem to be able to add one. I’ve read and re-read Chapter 10 in Understanding IBM FileNet Records Manager as well as what little can be gleaned from the P8 4.5.1 Info site, but the documentation is vague and I keep getting #Errors equivalent to the number of files (records) I’m trying to import.

Any way to bump up the verbosity on the RMTransferActivityLogging.log log file? It only tells me what the U/I output says which is bupkus.

Any help appreciated in advance.