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‏2011-12-28T16:10:38Z |

I work in project using Capture component API. I have no problem with the capture components except using the Full Text OCR to convert TIFF image to PDF. The workflow of my project is:
  • creating batch with imported file image
  • assembling document
  • converting TIff/PDF
  • committing document

My program using CapOCR is as following:
Dim objRepObject As Object
ReDim objRepObject(0 To 0)
objRepObject(0) = batch
oOCR2PDF.AutoLoadSettings = True
iRes = oOCR2PDF.Execute(objRepObject)

I get always iRes = 0.
I tried to set directly batch in Execute method but I get an error like AccessViolation
Could someone help me please

Thanks in adavance...