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Pinned topic problem with TEMS

‏2011-12-27T15:23:20Z |
when I want to log in TEP, I see this message..

KFWITM007W: The Tivoli Enterprise Portal Server has lost contact with the Tivoli Enterprise Monitoring Server, and is attempting to reconnect.
because TEMS doesn't work.. I start TEMS manuel then it stop again only 2 minutes later.. why ? TEMS install on Win. Server 2008 R2 and there is no antivirus...
  • davidlskeen
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    Re: problem with TEMS

    If you use kinconfg.exe on Windows, you can right-click on the TEMS entry to view its trace log (under Advanced). Also, for TEMS/TEPS issues check the ITM forum at
    Dave Skeen