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‏2011-12-27T13:33:01Z |
Hi guys! I was wondering how can I know the profile for an single transaction in CICS, for example CEDC in the group DFHSPI, is there any function or I have to check the reference book?
I have already tried CEMT I TRANS(CEDC) but I'm not authorised!
I hope someone can help me,

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    Re: Search/Display PROFILE

    Hi Luigi,

    If you have authority, you can try CEDA DISPLAY GROUP(*) TRANSACTION(CEDC). If CEDA does not work, CEDB or CEDC may.

    Alternatively, as this is the CICS Explorer forum :) you could try CICS Explorer. This may again depend on the authority you've been granted.

    If you open the Transactions view and select your CICS region you should see a list of transactions.
    You may not however see their profiles!
    To see them
    1. Click the down arrow on the top right hand corner of the Transactions View
    2. Click "Customize columns..."
    3. Choose the columns you wish to see, such as Profile.

    Does this help?

    Kind Regards,
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    Re: Search/Display PROFILE

    Yes! Thank you very much!!!! It was really helpful!