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Pinned topic IBM DS3300 Storage Password Reset

‏2011-12-26T10:48:37Z |
Dear Sir’s,

We have a password issue with one of our IBM DS3300 Storage. That password has been set and the person already leaves the company.

IBM System Storage DS3000: Introduction and Implementation Guide

"Note: If you forget your password, contact IBM Technical Support. Password reset is
possible with direct DS3000 Storage Subsystem HW unit attachment only."

Is there anyway to solve this aside from waiting on IBM Support as this always takes time.
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    Re: IBM DS3300 Storage Password Reset

    resetting the password, requires a connection to the SERIAL interface of the drive...
    then you can use HYPERTERMINAL

    The IBM support team, can send you the STEPS to perform via serial interface, along with the password to login.

    There is a specific KEY sequence to connect to this interface.
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    Re: IBM DS3300 Storage Password Reset

    SilentTech were you able to figure out your issue? when I access the service menu I am prompted for a password that I do not know. after extensive searching I have been unable to come up with the answer. Any help would be appreciated.