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Pinned topic Web Sevices Client against Web method GetListItems

‏2011-12-23T00:08:45Z |

I am new to web services

I have managed to get a test web service job running against with a non query based Web method

My challenge now is do one with a Query in this case GetListItems

I get a run time error

wsclient.xml.DerivationParser$NameExpectedException: Rule [1] "/ns1:GetListItems/ns1:query/*", invalid token; element or attribute name expected.
I am unsure of the value I should enter into the Values field for the query mapping field


I am also unsure what to enter in the following mapping fields

My soap enevlope is
Has anyone work with web method GetListItems and DataStage web services client

Are you able to provide an example of input argument values for this web method
Thanking you all inadvance