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‏2011-12-22T21:25:55Z |
The Volume 2 usage under Troubleshooting -> Hardware Capacity on a newly configured XC10 v2.0.0.2 appliance is showing 100%.

The CLI is showing the following too:

Console> status volume
Storage Volume Status:
Volume 'raid0' is Online : size = 952720 MB, num partitions = 1
Partition 1 'raid0-1' is Online, encryption is None
Total size = 900640 MB, free size = 900379 MB
Volume 'md' is Online : size = 0 MB, num partitions

Is this normal? If not is there a way to re-initialize it?
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    Re: Volume 2 usage


    This is normal. We know this is bit alarming and plan on fixing this in an upcoming firmware.

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