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Pinned topic Spring MVC versus JSF framework versus IBM Experience Factory

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We are struggling with the decision of choosing development framework in our shop. We are primarily an IBM shop involving WebSphere 7, WebSphere portal 7 and other IBM products. We have developers who are spring developers and some who knows JSF. We looked at both these frameworks and trying to make a decision. Portal 7 just came out with a portlet bridge for JSF2 which sounds very promising. Here is the link to the portlet bridge for websphere portal 7:

This means we could now develop JSF2 portlets in websphere portal 7 running on was fp19. This looks awesome to me.

However, our spring mvc developers think that with spring mvc you have lots of flexibility to choose the java script framework and html which helps in building complelling UI applications. For example spring mvc works really well with jquery and plain html/css to build awesome ui. Developers also think there is more flexibility with this than JSF2 which doesnt allow you to muck up with html or select a java script framework like jquery or dojo.

My question is do you think spring mvc + jquery + html is better solution over JSF2. Has anything changed in JSF2 that would make it compelling to choose it over spring mvc + jquery + plain html. Thanks in advance

Looking forward to hearing your thoughts.
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    Re: Spring MVC versus JSF framework versus IBM Experience Factory

    Here is some food for thought.
    I have come across a lot of instances where people have successfully used dojo along with JSF. Unless there is something specially wicked in JSF 2, that story should not change much. So, in my opinion JSF and dojo should be and is, a very workable combo.
    Again im not very comfortable in choosing jquery over dojo. It is a usual toss up between an IBM supported thingie (dojo) and an open source stuff (jquery) where you need to be aware that jquery may not offer you guaranteed support or an assurance in terms of safety of investments in terms of its future. Also, if you use jquery, since it isnt support by IBM, a lot of things on portal will be rendered unsupported and possibly buggy.
    As far as spring and jsf 2 is concerned im not qualified enough to respond but my vote would be edged slightly in favor of jsf 2 by the virtue of it being a part of JEE.