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Pinned topic Instrumented exe failed to execute when invoked from other process?

‏2011-12-22T06:02:49Z |
Hi ,
Am using Purify Version 7.0.1 build 11785 on windows 7 machine.(Am using VS 2k10 compiler for compilation,though its not officially supported yet )
This is for the first time am using purify.

I am able to instrument the exe and can run it through Purify IDE and am able to see the stats.
But this exe is just one of the process invoked by application am working on.
When I replace this exe with instrument one and place it the location where applications expects it to be,application fails to invoke this instrumented exe.
And am not getting any clue for this failure.(This instrumented exe is one of the daemon procoess which runs forever, so wanted to see leaks in real time environment by using the interval options in the purify).

Any suggestion where to start from?
Things I have tried so far:
1.Clears the cache.
2.Linker option to LNK_ADDL_FLAGS=/FIXED:NO been set.