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Pinned topic Websphere JDBC adapter and SQL 2008 R2

‏2011-12-21T05:53:51Z |
I am trying to call a stored procedure on SQL 2008 R2 version via a Websphere JDBC Adapter in my WID

The list for SQL server server is 2000 and 2005, 2008 R2 is not listed. I guess I can use "other" option with sqljdbc4.jar driver from Microsoft. But I am not sure if it is supported by Websphere JDBC adapter in the runtime.

Please let me know, thanks
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    Re: Websphere JDBC adapter and SQL 2008 R2


    All databases that have a JDBC driver that supports the JDBC specification 2.0 or later, such as DB2, SQL Server, and Oracle are supported by JDBC adapter. Consult the individual database vendor's documentation for details about the JDBC specification support.​

    If you get any problems while using the JDBC adapter with SQL server you can refer to the section of Solutions to common problems on below location for quick resolutions.

    Vinod Valecha