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Pinned topic Running ITCAM for J2EE TEMA without Data Collector

‏2011-12-20T19:19:21Z |
Hi Folks,

Attempting to crawl before I walk here and have installed the J2EE TEMA 06.20.04 on a Solaris server running Weblogic The Data Collector is not installed yet.

I was hoping to get some Application Server log scraping going and some GC monitoring. Nothing in the Agent logs suggest that it has started monitoring and TEPS workspaces for the Agent are empty. Agent initializes and connects to the TEMS okay, but I don't see any other messages indicating it is doing anything.

Do I need to install the DC to do anything at all or am I misunderstanding something here?

  • davidlskeen
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    Re: Running ITCAM for J2EE TEMA without Data Collector

    You'll need a J2EE DC installed to do any monitoring.
    Dave Skeen