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Pinned topic PHP calling CICS program using containers

‏2011-12-16T17:45:03Z |
I am trying to call a cobol CICS program that returns its results in a container because of the 32K limit on the size of the COMMAREA. I cannot find an example in the documentation. Does anyone have an example of this? Or is their another way of passing > 32K of data from CICS to a php application?

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    Re: PHP calling CICS program using containers

    Hi there,
    I am afraid that there is not an existing example as you required. But there is an exmaple showing how to use COMMAREA to link COBOL problem. I attached the link as below, FYI.
    In Dynamic Scripting, you can use JCICS API in PHP or Groovy scripts to interact with CICS.
    To use Container in Dynamic Scripting V1.0, you can try like this:
    //Import the CICS classes

    //Prepare the channel and container
    $dsTask = Task.getTask();
    $dsChannel = $dsTask.createChannel('DSCOBOL');
    $dsContainer = $dsChannel.createContainer('DSCOBOL');
    $dsContainer.put('Hello World');

    //Link COBOL program
    $dsProgram = new Program();
    $status = $dsChannel.getContainer('STATUS');
    echo $status.get();
    Here is an JCICS exmaple of using Channel and Containers. Hope it can help.