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Pinned topic Server where page is located isn't responding

‏2011-12-16T01:03:55Z |
Wanting to access "Implement Dynamic Endpoint Lookup" in the IBM SOA Sandbox but continually receive the error "can't open the page '' because server where this page is located isn't responding".

I have tried this on IE and Safari, no luck.

Is it my settings or the end-point?

Best regards,
Jack Nelson
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    Re: Server where page is located isn't responding

    Sorry that I didn't repond to this faster. The specific symptom that you describe is uually the effect of a firewall policy at your end. The typical issues seem to be (1) a firewall that doesn't permit you to use the http protocol for ports other than the normal ones like 80 and 443, and (2) a firewall that doesn't permit you to access a website unlss it is in a trusted list and/or accessed via SSL via https.
    We are working to provide access in ways that are compatible with this firewall configuration, but will not be able to offer a solution right away. I am thinking months, not weeks.
    If you have an alternative network you can use to access the SOA Sandbox that is firewalled in a more compatible way (some people use their home computer) that may be your best alternative. If you are in a position to discuss firewall rules with the people in charge of your network security, then perhaps some adjustment can be made to allow access to the SOA Sandbox for people in you company in general in the short term.
    If you discover any specifics that might be relevant to solving this access issue, please email me directly at
    Allan Dickson
    SOA Sandbox Architect