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Pinned topic XC10 collective

‏2011-12-15T18:02:26Z |
If two XC10 is grouped into a collective, do we need a load balancer to front the two XC10?

If one XC10 is primary, does this mean that this is operating in an active passive mode and only the primary XC10 is servicing the request?

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  • bkmartin
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    Re: XC10 collective

    ‏2011-12-16T21:33:10Z  in response to sunjav
    1) If you are using the eXtreme Scale APIs, the answer is no (e.g. the WXS ObjectMap api, HTTP Session support, Dynacache support). If you are using the HTTP REST gateway, then you need an HTTP load balancer to distribute the requests.

    2) XC10 collective is not an active/passive system. The data is striped across all systems so a portion of the primary data is on each and a portion of the replica data is on each. In the case of the the XS API usage, the client code goes directly to the XC10 that is currently hosting the data that is being fetched (based on dynamic routing table). In the case of the HTTP REST gateway, you can load balance to any of the collective members and if you arrive on the "wrong" box http://i.e. not the primary box for that key, an internal XS api call will retrieve the data on your behalf.

    Brian Martin
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    Re: XC10 collective

    ‏2012-12-07T00:20:42Z  in response to sunjav
    Hello. Instead of opening new thread I wanted to ask few additional questions as a follow up to the original.

    1) I understand that if a collective has two members and I want to integrate WAS with it, I have to configure catalog service domain on WS and list IP addresses and ports for catalog services on both members of the collective, am I right?

    2) What if collective has more than 3 members? There will be catalog services on first three devices only. Does that mean that on WAS, when defining catalog service domain we have to list IP addresses of only those devices that have catalog services running on them?