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‏2011-12-15T12:06:37Z |
I can't seem to find a definition of what return values coverage.exe returns when it completes in a command shell.
Where is this documented? I can see 0 is "OK", but there are other non-zero (error) values, and I haven't yet found out what they are or where they are defined. Can someone point me in the right direction?

This is pretty important so that we can detect what errors are occurring on our coverage runs that can take up to 2 days.

I am using version 2003.06.15 build 6052.

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    Re: Coverage return values

    Hi matwsij,

    In general, what would you expect the error codes to mean? Would you want some
    specific error code to be displayed if your code coverage level is only 50%? If
    you are trying to completely automate the process of measuring code coverage and
    take action based on your code coverage levels, you might want to try an approach
    like this:

    1. Run the application under PureCoverage from the command line.
    2. Use the /SaveTextData option to save your coverage results into a text file
    3. Write a PERL script or equivalent to parse through your coverage results
    to determine if the coverage level is acceptable.