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Pinned topic Accessing Informix Client SDK Driver from SQL Server SSIS

‏2011-12-14T23:50:17Z |
I am trying to successfully install the Informix Client SDK 3.70 on Windows Server 2003 and having quite a time of it. Ideally, this driver would be registered such that it could be readily referenced by SSIS. Here is the issue.

On a developer system, this driver is properly registered on Windows 7 courtesy of GACUtil.exe. When I try to migrate the SSIS package to SQL Server 2008 SSIS, the message "Could not create a managed connection manager" appears. This is a 'validation error' .

More... Whereas most drivers are visible in the 'Create New Data Connection' dialogue in SSIS, there is no obvious information about the Informix dll. I cannot see this using 'listdlls' or any other way. I have supposedly connected successfully with ODBC .

I appreciate any suggestions and also appreciate knowing what the current equivalent of this driver is. I am supposing that this driver is out of date. It would also be helpful to know how to register data provider drivers in Win2003 Server, so that they are available to the OS.
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    Re: Accessing Informix Client SDK Driver from SQL Server SSIS

    It turned out that there are a number of issues with the installation. IBM has some work to do to make this more Windows Server agreeable. If the Global Allocation Utility http://gacutil.exe is not in the path which it may not be, you may not get a valid installation. As the related post in this thread suggests, it looks like the 32-bit x86 version of the Informix Client SDK is the one to use.

    Also, if you plan to use this in SSIS and then schedule a SQL Agent job, be sure to change the Execution Option to 32-bit or your job will fail, even if the package runs through the 'Execute Package' utility.

    Other suggestions: Use set32.exe to establish the registry entries you will need to link to your Informix server. Use the ConnectTest Demo program in the SDK to verify your connection.