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Pinned topic Announcement: IBM Content Manager Services for Lotus Quickr V1.1.0.2

‏2011-12-14T22:09:58Z |
IBM Content Manager Services for Lotus Quickr V1.1.0.2 is now available:

IBM Content Manager Services for Lotus Quickr V1.1.0.2

Previous Release Information

  • V1.1.0.2 is a full install (like all fix packs to date). You do not need to install previous versions only to upgrade to the fix pack. If installing for the first time, just start with the latest fix pack version and install from scratch.
  • V1.1.0.2 contains no fixes and enables only one new feature. Unless using the new feature, there is no need to upgrade to V1.1.0.2, but should cause no harm to upgrade if you prefer to always upgrade to the latest. There were no reported problems reported that required fixes.
  • The new feature enables the ability to view and change user permissions on documents and folders from within Windows Explorer using the latest Lotus Quickr Connectors desktop integration plus a custom application extension (additional cost). You can view the current user permissions setting (ACL), view the user permissions (ACL definition) in terms of users and user groups and their associated roles (privilege sets), change permissions to use another named set of user permissions (admin-defined ACLs), or change permissions to custom permissions by picking from lists of users and user groups and associating permissions (custom user-defined ACL). Contact your IBM sales representative for more information on the Lotus Quickr Connectors extension for permissions management. See the enhancements information for more detail.

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