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Pinned topic Deploying multiple projects to WBE causes produces major weirdness?

‏2011-12-14T15:29:05Z |
Hi all, I'm new on the board.

We have a WBE running on an AIX box for testing purposes. We have had a rule set in place for almost a year running without problems and only in the last month or so had a new development request for another WBE project. I built the rule set by extending the previous rules (call it rules0). Testing everything on my local box, rules0 and rules1 had no problems living side by side. When we migrated it to our Test environment, all sorts of strange things happened. Rules from rules0 that had been working without issue for months and months suddenly stopped working altogether. I had originally tried to just delete all of the old rules from Business Space but that broke lots of stuff in the new rule set. So instead, I just reset all of the filters and interaction sets so that did nothing. This obviously didn't work so we thought maybe since those filters/interactions still bore the same names, that might be the problem. So we changed them. That just made things weirder. Now we were getting some expected behaviors but, as often as not, on the emptied interaction sets.

Our next move is to try putting both rule sets into one project, but this is an admittedly unacceptable long term fix.

Does anyone know anything about the quirks of deploying multiple rule sets to WBE and the strange interactions thereof and steps we can take to avoid it? :)

Thanks in advance.
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    Re: Deploying multiple projects to WBE causes produces major weirdness?

    Hi YorkJ,

    WBE V7 runtime doesn't really have any capability of distinguishing assets belong to differnt projects and you are likely to have problems when things are mixed together. Your best bet is, just like what you are planning to do, to combine everything into a single project, delete the old project, and deploy the new project. Starting from WODM V7.5, the old project will be automatically deleted if you deploy a new project.