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Pinned topic Migrating EJB application from WID to RAD workspace

‏2011-12-13T17:28:35Z |
We have EJB and web application developed using Websphere Integration developer.
We want to migrate the applciations to use Rational Application Developer 8.0
When I import the project into RAD workspace, the EAR file or the EJB jar file are not opening as deployment descriptor. Can someone provide the steps to migrate a EJB/Web project from WID to RAD. Thanks.
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    Re: Migrating EJB application from WID to RAD workspace

    This forum is for issues related to the Application Migration Toolkit. You appear to be having issues with Rational Application Developer. I suggest you try putting an append on the "Development Tools (RAD, RSA, RDA, RSM, RWD)" forum which you can find at the following link.