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Pinned topic Problem connecting to Derby from DB2 client

‏2011-12-13T13:19:59Z |

I read this article

and I tried to follow the instruction, however I have problems to do the connection successfully. I got this error

"drda ar parser invalid value" sqlstate=58004

I am using Data Server client 9.7.4 (DB2 client) and Apache Derby

I would like to know if those instructions are still valid for the recent versions, because the article is a quite old (2004)
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    Re: Problem connecting to Derby from DB2 client

    We just encountered this problem.

    searching for the error message, I turned up some some forum postings and a Derby problem report from December:

    • the problem was introduced very recently - it occurs only in &
    • response from the Derby project is "The only client currently supported with Derby is the Derby java client. So I think we need to close this issue invalid. "

    and this recommendation ((the original poster was using the IBM DB2 .NET Data Provider)

    "There seems to be solutions for using JDBC with .NET, where you are able to use the JDBC drivers from within .NET. I'm not familiar with .NET, so I don't know if using these are cumbersome or has major drawbacks.
    For other scenarios there are ODBC-JDBC bridges. I've only found commercial offerings that mention support for Apache Derby, but I know nothing about this in general."

    I would be interested in hearing if anyone has come up with any solutions.

    We encountered this problem using ODBC (IBM DB2 ODBC driver), which works fine with earlier versions of Derby. I work for StarQuest - our own JDBC driver (StarSQL for Java) can still connect OK; I haven't tried the IBM JDBC (JCC) driver yet (and of course the Derby JDBC driver should be expected to work). The commercial ODBC-JDBC bridge referred to is from EasySoft.