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‏2011-12-13T12:03:13Z |

I'm dealing with some problems and I want it to know about the valid commands that TXSeries does support.
I have a COBOL / CICS application running under TXSeries , but this application contains some commands that I cannot run because when I perform syntax check I get an error like this:

ERZ004023E: Invalid command option 'NUMITEMS' (in a WRITEQ TS)
ERZ004023E: Invalid command option 'ASRAPSW': ASSIGN ASRAPSW
ERZ004023E: Invalid command option 'ASRAREGS': ASSIGN ASRAREGS

Please if anyone has an idea of what can I do to solve this, please post it.

Thanks, Greetings!
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    Re: Valid commands


    You can find the list of APIs and all the valid options supported by TXSeries in the

    TXSeries information center