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Pinned topic Start a transaction via CICS Explorer?

‏2011-12-12T15:21:23Z |
Is there a way to start a transaction via CICS Explorer or any of the plug-ins? One of our users would like to start the CBAM trans to browse BTS (business transaction services) objects.
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    Re: Start a transaction via CICS Explorer?

    ‏2012-01-03T21:18:47Z  in response to HBruchey

    There is not a way to start ad-hoc transactions in the CICS Explorer, such as CBAM. One of the reasons is that these transactions have a user interface which is designed to work with a 3270 session, rather than a GUI such as the Eclipse environment that the CICS Explorer is build around.

    The way this has been tackled for other products, such as Rational Developer for System z, is to include a 3270 emulator, allowing the user to activate a 3270 session whereupon they can work with a familiar green on black screen, but within the same workbench shell. Is this the kind of solution you're looking for ?

    We've avoided doing this to date, because what we're trying to do with each new release of the CICS Explorer is put as much function which is currently accessible through traditional 3270 GUIs into the tool as native function. For example, CEDA and CEMT were in the first release, then some of the ISPF and SDSF function in the next release, but as Eclipse views so they have rich user interface controls with pop-up menus, hyperlinks, trees, tables, and so forth. The goal is that the user should spend less time in 3270 and more in Eclipse.

    One thing that would be really useful is if you could create an entry in "Request for Enhancements" under the CICS category
    (see here for more details) which helps to get requests like this in the open so others can vote and comment on them, and we can get the priority of what we work on aligned with what you (users) want.

    Best regards and many thanks,

    Joe Winchester
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      Re: Start a transaction via CICS Explorer?

      ‏2012-01-04T21:16:17Z  in response to JoeWinchester

      Thank you very much for this response. It is not something that we need right now. It was more of a discussion between myself and a developer, where he was insisting that there had to be some way to start a Tran. I could not find it any of the manuals or documentation, however. Your response just confirms what I suspected. For now, he is ok to utilize the 3270 session. If there is any further need, we will put in a request for enhancement.

      Thank you!