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Pinned topic Logon API is throwing the Out of stack space error for Non- admin users

‏2011-12-09T16:35:22Z |
We have custom UI which uses the FileNet API, This custom application is working fine in 2003 server however same app is throwing an error when running in 2008 server. we are getting out of space error when calling the logon api (IDMObjects.Library ). When the administrator of the windows machine(2008) is accessing the custom app its working fine, only users are getting the error.

We found that if we keep running the login screen (Filenet Neighborhood -> select the library->click on login).. custom application is working fine.

Would appreciate any inputs on this... Is it some kind of the access issue.. Process Monitor is not showing any access denied error.

One more question which Exe runs when we try to login using the filenet neighborhood?