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Pinned topic FTP PLUGIN After TELNET command not working

‏2011-12-08T18:43:21Z |
I would like to be able to change the file name of my *.csv file that I have just FTPed in with no problem.
I have tried the TELENT AFTER command, but also get a warning that it cannot be processed. It appears that
after the transfer I must be signed off the FTP server. I have even tried a shell script(UNIX), but that
does not work either. Is there anywhere I can either 1) find an example of just how this works) or 2) how would I make a shell script work, being called by the DataStage EXECSH, or 3) can I make a customer FTP job, so that just a couple of more lines of code could be submitted to the FTP server to rename the file after it has been used