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‏2010-09-28T15:51:55Z |
It appears that I am having an issue with the DSS SAM clients. When I first setup DSS SAM, all clients appeared to be scanning and uploading data correctly and it showed all systems in the SAM Deployment Overview. Now (after upgrading the BF server and all BF clients to ver. 8.0.584) it is only showing about 70% of our systems in the SAM deployment Overview and the other 30% do not show up with the option of installing or upgrading the DSS SAM. I also find that some of the missing systems do show up in the SAM reporting console but when you go to open that specific system to view information you receive:

“An error occured loading executable scan details for Computer ID (#):
No such file or directory - D:\Program Files\BigFix Enterprise\BES Server\UploadManagerData\BufferDir\sha1\95\1630095â€

I have tried the solution posted here with no luck:

Any thoughts?

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    Re: DSS SAM Client Issues

    Thanks for the info jspanitz, I will be adding this to my "To Do" list and will report back any relevant findings . . .

    Thanks again,

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    Re: DSS SAM Client Issues

    We found some clients that had the Usage Manager values messed up and they report back nothing. We've also had some clients where the scan runs but the compression fails (we have it turned on) and they never upload, although they report back as failed. Seemed to happen when upgrading the DSS SAM clients.

    Here are UsageManager values that we know work correctly:
    BES UsageManager EnableAppUsage = 1
    BES UsageManager EnableAppUsageSummary = 1
    BES UsageManager EnableAppUsageSummaryApps = -:noapp:
    BES UsageManager OperatorApps = :masterops;besclient.exe:

    I also attached an analysis that we use to track down the problem children.