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Pinned topic How to check piracy software on Windows?

‏2011-07-31T10:59:34Z |
Dear All,
I'm very new on BigFix. So my question is how to check piracy software on windows not only application but also windows OS license too. How to create the schedule checking? How to alert to administrator if client install prohibit software?

Or BigFix has any action or Fixlets to solve this problem. My BigFix license is Tivoli® Endpoint Manager for Lifecycle Management.
Sorry if I ask stupid question because I'm very new on BigFix.
Thanks you.
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    Re: How to check piracy software on Windows?

    ‏2011-08-01T09:07:28Z  in response to chowalit91
    For software scanning you would need TEM for Software Usage Analysis. It comes with a known software catalog and based on the signatures from the catalog installed software is identified. It is also possible to create your own signatures and then any software you have can be found.
    I do not know a way to check if a Windows copy is original. Maybe there is some command/tool from Microsoft that you can deploy and run by TEM?