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Pinned topic TBSM 6.1- Empty Canvas Issue

‏2011-12-08T08:58:03Z |

I not sure is it the right category to place this issue. My name is Zen. Now I'm doing POC at client site for TBSM 6.1. I try to create custom canvas as our client require the some extra stuff displayed on services in Service tree.

First, from the view definition, I select Custom View, which then allow me to select new view definition button. From there, I try to delete all default looking service like what we did in lab. So far, it can delete, and I try to put an image, its also successful. Which then bring me to add new icon representing my service in new custom canvas. When I drag one of the icon into my newly customize canvas, just like 4.2.1, Its pop something out to ask me to choose which service, after I select the service, and put all detail required, the icon just disappeared.

At first I thought its something related to my TIP Server, so, I restart my TBSM profile, TIP Profile, after several time restart the system, the same problem persist.

For your information, my TBSM is version 6.1 from Software Access Catalog, Database is DB2 9.7 Workgroup Edition, I install at Windows 2008 R2 (64 bit), Firewall is disabled, antivirus is disabled as well. My object server's name is Zen, and the TBSM have two data source, one is object server (default), one is Tivoli Data Warehouse. I try to show some performance metric which I grab from TDW for service.