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‏2011-12-08T00:21:10Z |
We are looking at speeding up our DataStage jobs with the use of SSD technology (enterprise SSD).

Our main bottleneck is the Disk I/O, so the idea is to try and decrease this bottleneck. We would mainly use the SSD for Scratch/Temp/Sorting.

Has anyone implemented SSD's with Information Server ?
Did you face any challenges ?
Did the SSD make much difference ?

Thanks in advance.
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    Re: DataStage and SSD

    Hello KJ75 -

    We're using DataStage installed entirely on SSD, but have not 'migrated' from a hard disk so am unable to provide a direct comparison.
    There were no notable challenges .. it presents to the operating system the same logical volume as a spinning disk.

    If disk I/O is your bottleneck then there are a number of approaches you can take to optimise your hard disk usage before you splash out on SSDs.
    Without knowing your configuration it's hard to be more specific.
    - Have you configured multiple (virtual) disk adapters?
    - Are you using a dedicated connection between your server and disk array (rather than going through a shared switch?)
    - Are you distributing node data (segment files) evenly across physical disks to achieve maximum concurrency and minimum contention?
    - Are your jobs optimised to make maximum and even use of parallelism?
    - etc. etc.