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‏2011-12-07T14:16:36Z |
we have optim pm 411 installed and monitoring hadr db
for a ha test we shutdown the primary server
the health summary of pm still indicates some green status
data server status = green
monitor status=red
memory usage = gree
although the server is down
when we request the application list we get the error
[Exception. error message = jcct42043115503.62.56] Exception Error opening socket to server sms-alx00005.cbss.inet/ on port 50,001 with message: No route to host. ERRORCODE=-4499, SQLSTATE=08001
which is correct, because server is down
best regards, Guy Przytula
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    Re: health status

    and we restarted the server that was down
    all db became standby and hadr is connected active again (db2pd)
    in the dashboard overview and hadr section all entries stay blank (--)
    they are not populated after integration..
    seems not reliable
  • UteBaumbach
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    Re: health status

    to your first post:
    Note that Health Summary has a certain refresh interval, so you may have looked at the information before it was representing the last state.

    To your second post:
    I am not sure about your scenario. Are you saying that for a standby database the values are blank ?
    Is this is HADR standby database with Read-on-standby(RoS) or without RoS ?
    If it is defined without RoS and you start the OPM server after it became a standby database then monitoring won't start because OPM tries to connect to that database during startup.
    Monitoring a standby database without RoS only works if you started OPM already when this database was a primary database. And note, that only the OPM features work that are based on instance attachments and snapshots to get the monitoring data ( most inflight dashboards ). Features based on event monitors don't work since no connection can be established to the standby database. Additionally parts of the Health features also do not work since they connect to the monitored database as well.

    If you want to discuss this further please contact me directly be email:

    Ute Baumbach