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Pinned topic Start your sandbox session now not working

‏2011-12-07T10:48:33Z |
Dear All,

When I am trying to open Sandbox environment , its not working. It is giving error like "Environment is not up or too busy try again later".

What might be the cause ?


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    Re: Start your sandbox session now not working

    ‏2011-12-08T16:24:54Z  in response to SystemAdmin
    The message you describe appears to be the one that we use to indicate that all of the available instances of the particular exercise environment that you selected are in use by other IBM.COM visitors.
    We create pools of instances for each of the exercise environments that we offer, and pre-configure, boot, and stabilize them before we make them available. That extra care does limit how fast we can react to surges in demand, but it appears to be the best way to fulfill people's expectations of being able to instantly start an exercise.
    You did not mention what exercise you were starting, but since I have alerts from our hosting environment about the Cognos instances being full from about the same time, I am going to guess that you were going to try out that environment.
    It is one of our most popular offerings, but even so it is not usually running with all seats full. In general, if you find that all seats are full, you should expect to be able to try again 2-4 hours later and get a seat.
    If you find that you get the same response every time you try, or get that response on several different exercise selections, then there is a problem that I need to look at more closely.
    Allan Dickson
    SOA Sandbox Architect
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      Re: Start your sandbox session now not working

      ‏2012-01-05T16:47:24Z  in response to Sandboxer
      The connection has timed out
      The server at is taking too long to respond.
      The site could be temporarily unavailable or too busy. Try again in a few