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I have a JEE application deployed on Websphere application server v7.0 ( WAS ).
Using JCA adapter support in WAS, I believe I can only connect to EIS systems ( SAP, Siebel, CICS etc ).

Can I use technology adapters ( e.g File, FTP, JDBC ) provided by Websphere adapters in WAS


Are technology adapters only available with integration products like Websphere process server?
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    Re: Technology adapters.

    pinkfloyd, each server product comes with a separate list of supported WebSphere Adapters (only WebSphere Process Server and WebSphere Enterprise Service Bus support the full list). Details of compatibility for each adapter can be found below:

    Specifically regarding adapters supported for use with native WebSphere Application Server, you are correct that it is limited to the application adapters for JDE, Oracle, Peoplesoft, SAP, and Siebel. Even the application adapter for Lotus Domino does not list support for native WebSphere Application Server.

    Some of the technology adapters are available for other servers that use the WebSphere Adapters, such as WebSphere Transformation Extender or the WebSphere Partner Gateway, so they are NOT limited to integration products. Rather, the decisions of what adapters to include are made by the product teams for each of the servers with which the adapters are used, and in this case the WebSphere Application Server product team has not included any technical adapters.