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‏2011-12-06T13:42:02Z |
Hello everyone I have a problem to work with files Slavs in a richtext field in Lotus Notes.
My problem is this I'm creating a database of email to the email body that is a richtext field and you need to send any formatting (bold, italics and even with pictures), I can send the email put the mail arrives unconfigured E-mail's that are not of the notes (gmail, hotmail, etc.), I saw that need to work that would then MIMEEntity with that, but I get an aside I have to write in a stream,: stream.writeText (this.createBody (doc , recipient), Stream.EOL_CR) / / createBody is a method where I get the field value bodyEmail:, but it works for text, but when I add pictures together with strings does not work. Then saw the write method, but he asks as a parameter http://] bytes. My doubt is how to transform an object, in fact the contents of the Rich Text field into a [ bytes.
  • I'm working with java.
Someone could help me??
Transform an object into a byte array?