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Pinned topic WDSC 7.0 is removing OVERLAY keyword while WF Conversion

‏2011-12-06T13:40:54Z |
Hi all,

First thing:

I am using WDSC 7.0 and WAS6.1 for webfacing project creation.

I create a Blank Webfacing project .As per information provided in help of WDSC7.0,it support OVERLAY keyword.

When i add screens from i-series Library to this project and apply WF Conversion.The Converted xxxx.jsp and xxxxjavascript.jsp doesnot contain the OverLay keyword.

When i check the .xml in DDSGenerated.jar for these files,i can find

<keyword id="KWD_OVERLAY"/>
<keyword id="KWD_KEEP"/>
Could anyone please put some information on this problem?

Thanks in Advance