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Pinned topic General DBI Error at Logon. Windows 7 x64(client) CS5.4 HFP02 (Server 2003)

‏2011-12-05T21:24:33Z |
I'm using
Server: Filenet Content Services 5.4 HFP2
Client0: Windows XP SP2 , IDM DeskTop 4.0 (FN CS Client Libraries 5.4, CS AdminTools 5.4) "Clean Installation"
Client1: Windows 7 64, IDM DeskTop 4.0.3+IDMDT (Fn CS Client Libraries 5.5) "Clean Installation"

Using Windows7 x64
I'm receiving a "General Dbi Error has been detected" message error when trying to logon at "IBM FileNet Logon" dialog.
Windows\SysWOW64\ODBCad32 has been configured
I'm using "Admin" account and it works fine on WindowsXP.
Pls does anyone has configured Windows7 as CS 5.4 client?
Best regards
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    Re: General DBI Error at Logon. Windows 7 x64(client) CS5.4 HFP02 (Server 2003)

    ‏2012-01-30T21:17:08Z  in response to Harkconnen
    Hi Harkconnen,
    do you find a solution for this issue?
    I'm experiencing the same thing:
    I did clean installation FileNet IDM 4.0.3 on two machines, Win XP and Windows 7, both have the same issue when trying to logon: General DBI error has been detected.

    Checked SQL DB log, it says: login failed for user 'DMS'.
    but on other win XP, I did upgrade from 4.0.2 to 4.0.3 without any issue.