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Pinned topic Optim Manuals for z/OS

‏2011-12-05T20:29:22Z |

Can anyone direct me to the current Optim Manuals for z/OS?

I've been trained on the LUW Optim Suite but havent found any Optim z/OS manuals.

I'm also seeking any Optim Red Books for DB2 z/OS.

I'm planning to move 3 terabytes of data or 400 tables from Production to Test/QA. Anyone want to chime-in on any known Optim problems or bugs?
My largest problem is that Prod is missing many database RI. Is there a way to create ghost RI in production in order to extract an intact and complete database since the PK must be scrambled?

Thank you for your help.
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    Re: Optim Manuals for z/OS

    The Optim z/OS Manuals are only available via the install CD or when you download the software.